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Agro Livestock Farms aim is to produce and supply top quality Cows, Goat, Sheep, Layer & Broiler Chicken ,Day-old chicks and Fresh eggs, Ostrich, and Animal Feeds . Also we have Poultry Equipment. From humble beginnings, our company has grown from a small supplier to one which produces on average 250 000 day old chicks per week, supplying, Layers & Broiler Chickens, ostrich and now animal feed , Livestock

The farm currently accommodates 17 breeding sites into which flocks of 7,000 breeder chickens are placed every 62 weeks in a 5-week cycle. Breeders are reared according to strict technical specifications. At an approximate age of 22 weeks, the breeders have matured and start laying eggs. These eggs are transported to the chicken hatchery where, after disinfection and grading, they are placed in setters for a period of 18 days. They are then transferred to the hatchers for 3 days in order to complete the hatching process.


Through our contacts in the agricultural community, we can locate your specific requirements at the very best value. Whether you need top quality breeding stock to improve your future herd or commercial females to improve production.


We will locate the animals you require. We can arrange inspection visits and we will accompany you, minimizing your effort and saving your valuable time.


Price is one of the most important factors to any buyer. The end price of animal genetics is affected by many factors. The most significant factor is that price is relative to the quality of the product you receive. However, when related to live animals, price is also relative to both the services provided throughout transport as well as the health of delivered animals. We are active in the current market as we have our own working farm that sells animals on a regular basis. Our first-hand knowledge of economic trends in the livestock market, our strong relationships with breeders, and our reputation for honesty and reliability enable us to negotiate effectively for our clients.

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