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Buy Wholesale Kalahari Red Goat Online – Kalahari Reds For Sale

Kalahari Reds For Sale. Kalahari Red goats for sale are meat-type goat breed. The namesake comes from the Kalahari desert, which spans the borders of USA.

Buy Wholesale Kalahari Red Goat Online


USA/UK Price List

  • Kalahari  Goats $50-$95 Each  6 – 13 Months, Weight 40kg – 75kg
  • Dairy  Goats $630.00 Each
  • Pregnant goats $70.00 Each
  • Young Goats $40.00 Each 3 – 4 months

Kalahari Goats Price (S.A)

Kalahari  Goats R800-1500 Each  6 – 13 Months, Weight 40kg – 75kg

Dairy  Goats R1000.OO Each

Pregnant goats R1100.00 Each

Young Goats R550.00 Each 3 – 4 months

Buy Wholesale Kalahari Red Goat Online


$100.00 – $250.00
Buy Wholesale Kalahari Red Goat Online
Kalahari Reds For Sale
 Kalahari Red goats for sale  are meat-type goat breeds. The namesake comes from the Kalahari desert, which spans the borders. This semi-arid climate has contributed to Kalahari’s overall hardiness. Although guided by selective breeding, natural selection played a major role in the development of this breed. These are particularly sun, parasite, and disease resistant livestock.
All of these attributes a mass to a very low labor-intensity operation. Their skin is fully pigmented, allowing them to forage and increase gains through the heat of the day. They will feed on a large variety of plants for sustenance. Their parasite and disease resistance allows for less vaccination inoculation than the average goat breed. This lowers costs, amount of labor, and allows for greater ease of an organic enterprise.
They have full and properly attached udders, and kids have strong sucking instincts.
The most distinct visual characteristic of Kalahari Red goats is their red coat color. White or light shades of red are not desirable, as they do not provide as much camouflage from predators in their native pastures. They also have strong herding instincts for protection as well. Kalahari Reds have long, floppy ears. Above their ears are moderately-sized, sloping horns. Their frame is similar to that of the popular South African Boer goat. Kalahari Red goats can be used as a good crossbreed to increase hardiness and carcass size. Rams should be larger than they are, with loose skin in the neck region. Although commonly believed, Red Kalahari Goats are not related to or are a derivative of Boer goats. Genetic and blood testing from the Agricultural Research Council of South Africa has not shown evidence of being developed from a particular breed.
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Product Type: Livestock
Style: Alive
Type: Goat
Certification: Health Certificate
Brand Name: Kalahari Red Goats
Model Number: 201451W
Supply Ability
Supply Ability: 2000 Pair/Pairs per Month
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Packaging Details: Buyer request
Port: Varies
Lead Time : Shipped within 24hrs after payment confirmed
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